About Our Company

Compass is a learning and development company initiated since 2012 and established in 2017, after almost 11 years of experience in business, specifically in the field of learning & development management. Compass has designed and facilitated a vast of developmental programs in Egypt and Gulf, leading the cultural change in too many multinational companies by training and developing more than 50000 employees with a wide base of different backgrounds. From top & middle management employees to local sales & call center representatives, Compass has worked with several multinational companies including Dar El-Handasah, Vodafone, BinLaden and more. All while providing tools and techniques that build Value Based Organizations.

Our Services

Compass training school is the ultimate educational site that provides diverse training programs and workshops, starting from trainer coaching programs to training employees and students. We aim to both equip each group of people-depending on their occupation-with knowledge and skills to become professionals and qualify trainers and learning professionals to join the learning field
In our learning consultancy services, we aim for driving behavior change and developing a continuous learning culture. Our services are designed for business transformation- by working with you to meaningfully transform your learning function through clear strategic direction and expert learning design services.

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